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Saturday, July 13, 2024
State News provides a briefing on the day’s political and economic headlines, as reported by the Capitolwire.com news staff and each state’s major media sources. Headlines are presented in digital digest format, with direct links to the full text of each story and links to the archive site. Designate keywords in News Watch to deliver personalized email alerts directly to your desktop

Our team of reporters brings unparalleled experience covering the state capitol. This experience translates into the unique institutional knowledge needed to cover the story behind the story and to understand how things really get done in the capitol. Capitolwire.com stories are published throughout the day, often giving subscribers a look ahead at tomorrow's headlines.

In addition to the news stories our reporters generate, Capitolwire.com brings you a digital digest of the latest political and economic news from around the state by 8:30 every weekday morning - a Capitolwire.com headline briefing with direct links to the full text of each story and, when available, additional information on the story.

Our subscribers rely on Capitolwire.com to provide the most comprehensive scan of local and state information sources saving them hours of time each day. Stories from around the state are organized into key issues such as Healthcare, Education, Transportation and Environment. Select the issues you want to follow, then simply scan the headlines and read the stories most relevant to you, all in a fraction of the time if would take through more conventional means.

Put Capitolwire.com to work for you through our News Watch service. Subscribers designate keywords of their choosing, then our search engines take it from there. When a keyword match is found, an email alert is sent to your laptop with a headline briefing and a link to the story. You are immediately aware and can proactively respond sharing the news with colleagues or clients.

Stay better informed with less effort. Let Capitolwire.com do the work for you!

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